Getting a Place in Construction Jobs

Construction workers are the backbone of this country's infrastructure. Commercial and residential projects have advanced considerably over the past few years with lots of progress leading to future development techniques. These workers build commercial buildings, houses, bridges and roads. While many kinds of jobs are a bit harder for people to get hired without prior experience, it is not that way with construction jobs. Most companies in the field of construction are willing to employ individuals that may start in the entry level positions with little or no experience. These types of workers are commonly called laborers.

Construction Jobs Opportunities

Construction jobs management staff are continuously growing given that the construction work is getting more advanced. These projects involve laws pertaining to building codes, environmental issues, along with the basic safety of workers. For the seasoned and skilled construction trade individuals, the positions are expected to be plentiful. This is due to the theory that older workers will soon be leaving the field in the next number of years. Despite the ongoing growth of the industry in general, the actual progress varies. Construction jobs such as plumbers, electricians, and first line supervisors grow faster than other positions, considering that the services they provide come in greater demand. On the other hand, occupations like structural iron and steel work will most likely thrive slower. There are some expected declines for painters, roofers, stucco masons and plasterers. Every area of this industry is likely to experience some sort of progression as our technology advances and demand is needed.

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Construction Jobs Positions and Salary Information

There are three major areas where individuals can find many employment opportunities. They are general contractors, heavy engineering construction contractors, and special trade contractors. Given below are some detailed information about construction jobs:

Construction Manager

There is a myth that people who work in a blue­collar sector do not make a lot of money. This particular job disproves that. A construction manager is in charge of budgeting, planning, and many vital parts of a project. A professional is said to have finished a bachelor's degree in building science, construction science, or any related course under this specific umbrella. An associate's degree, with relevant experience, could also work as a suitable entry level manager. Average Salary is approximately: $93,000 per year.

Brick mason and Block mason

Brick and Block Mason work is generally learned by studying masonry at a college or joining an apprenticeship working under a master of this skill set. The training normally lasts approximately three years. Brick and stone exteriors are popular construction materials due to their strength and long lasting durability. New building construction utilizes these materials and require expert masons to work on complete these projects. Average Salary is approximately: $50,600 per year.


A Glazier is a position that the individual must never be afraid of heights. Glaziers are professionals who seal, fasten, install, remove and cut glass for storefronts, windows and skylights. This position is and can be extremely strenuous and dangerous. The atmosphere and materials they work with and under can be very hazardous. Employers would prefer glaziers who are able to handle a variety of duties and unique situations given the versatility of this craft. Average Salary is approximately: $41,500 per year.


Many people are familiar with the tasks of a plumber, but there is actually much more to this expertise. Following a four year apprenticeship, plumbing technicians are trained in building codes and blueprints. They are experts in installing, maintaining, and repairing water and drainage pipes. A plumbers role and duties are heavily relied upon in the construction industry. The projects they are asked to complete are expected to last for many years and withstand many construction obstacles. Average Salary is approximately: $50,900 per year.

Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher

Cement Mason and Concrete Finisher’s are professionals that have learned their trade in a formal apprenticeship. Many people who have taken masonry related programs have a better employment opportunities on average. Average Salary is approximately: $38,870 per year.

Construction Worker

With minimal or no experience, a construction worker can get hired to carry out the basic duties on a construction site. Practically every site requires laborers to help with the loading and unloading of materials, operating machines, digging ditches, making measurements, and with cleaning up. Average Salary is approximately: $33, 900 per year.

Tips for Applying at Construction Jobs

Many large corporations hire these workers through job placement companies for these specific type of projects. Some construction companies hire by private or unadvertised job openings to the local community. These openings can be open to the public and local certified individuals. Some construction jobs can be hard to find since so many people meet the minimum standards for these basic positions. Private openings can be offered too few applicants during interviews in order to secure the position.

The Internet is fastly becoming the source of construction jobs applications. Most construction agencies post open positions on their company websites. Check out these sites in your area.

Benefits of Working at Construction Jobs

Workers get a good income for long hours of labor throughout the completion of important projects. The monetary benefits are merely the beginning for people in the construction jobs. There are many more benefits to being employed in the various sectors of the construction industry.

It provides a list of voluntary insurance plans including accident or hospital policies that assist workers to manage small out­of­pocket expenses related to serious illnesses or accidents that major healthcare insurance providers do not usually cover. It is a cost­effective option for both employees and employers. In case there is a serious illness or accident, policy holders are given cash benefits to provide assistance to their daily living expenses.

Additional Information about Construction Jobs

Compared to other industries, the field of construction heavily depends on its competent workforce for profitability and growth. With 65 percent of construction firms hiring less than 10 people, keeping highly trained workers is vital to the success of these businesses. While the construction companies are more likely to focus on the existing and future projects as compared to employee engagement, it is extremely important for these business owners to understand what they can do to keep workers satisfied.

Seasonal Construction Jobs

It is quite difficult to work and construct in the colder climates and months of the year. The bad weather conditions disrupt the construction procedures to the extent that the work normally takes place in the spring season up to the autumn season. There are some exceptions, such as building interiors. However, the seasonable construction jobs make continuous work really challenging for many. An example for this are the landscape architects, cement mason and concrete finisher that usually depend on dry, warm weather to do some work. Construction jobs require you to work in hard and demanding surroundings. You may work on some sites or on heights, this profession.

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