Customer Service Jobs

Everything You Need To Know About Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service is a vital part of any company. This key component can make or break any business. Often, call center companies like Convergys, Teletech and Sitel hire customer service representatives (CSR) who act as intermediaries between a specific company and their respective customers.

The responsibilities of customer service “agents”, as they are often called, depend on the company which they work for. All these professionals in this industry are determined to answer questions, process orders and resolve certain problems. Handling complaints which customers may have about a product or a service is a strenuous part of the job.

All these tasks entail patience, which is an important trait for all customer service representatives.

Customer Service Jobs Opportunities

The concept of customer service has been around ever since commerce was started. Customer service as we know it now has merged together with computer and internet technology.

Right now, this is one of the most common positions offered in any field, with over two million jobs in 2010 (Bureau of Labor Statistics).

Customer service is an essential element in company operations. The need for CSR is said to increase even more with an estimated 15% rise by 2020. That amounts to over 300,000 jobs which need to be filled. With a job outlook as fast as this, it would definitely be a good industry to consider today.

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Customer Service Jobs Positions and Salary Information

While Customer Service Representatives make up a huge percentage in this field, employment in this industry encompasses various occupations. These include Customer Service Managers, Customer Service Coordinators, Sales Associates and Computer Support Specialists.

According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the median pay of Customer Service Representatives is approximately $14.70 per hour or $30,580 per year. Obviously, these figures could change depending on various factors. In­house CSRs generally get higher compensation than those who are hired by third party companies offering Customer Service such as Sitel and Convergys.

In­house CSRs of companies in industries like oil and gas distribution / transportation are said to be the top earners in this particular field.

Those who are assigned in Customer Service offices in metropolitan areas like New York and San Francisco would definitely earn more than the estimated median income of nearly $40,000 every year.

Those individuals holding managerial positions in this field and those with advanced computer skills are sure to earn higher pay. Customer Service Managers and Computer Support Specialists take home as much as $50,000 annually and more.

Tips for Applying for Customer Service Jobs

Customer Service Jobs do not require certifications and licensure. They only require entry­level educational requirement. No work experience in any related occupation is needed. Most applicants, once hired, are expected to undergo training which often lasts up to a month.

During the interview process the HR officer can assess whether or not an individual is suitable for the position.

Good Communication Skills

Listening, clear enunciation, and a friendly yet professional demeanor are all mandatory in this industry.

Computer Literacy

Systems used by companies are often part of the new hire training program. Basic computer knowledge is mandatory since these systems utilize high tech communication devices and programs.


As mentioned earlier, this is an highly important CSR trait. Customer Service agents handle irate and / or difficult customers daily. It is very important to deal with these customers politely and professionally.

Problem­ Solving

Depending on the industry selected, basic ‘troubleshooting’ methodologies are part of the training program. Determining what the issue is and to be able to provide the right solution is an innate skill that one must master.

Benefits of Working at Customer Service Jobs

As an entry­level position, Customer Service occupations provide a pretty good pay. Aside from the base salary mentioned above, there is a very good chance of increasing one’s monthly earnings through tips, commissions and even profit sharing.

There is also a possibility of climbing the ladder in this industry (and, subsequently, one’s income too) from a Customer Service Agent to Team Leader to Manager to Supervisor and so on.

Additional Information about Customer Service Jobs Round the Clock Work

Thanks to the internet, Customer Service jobs are practically 24/7. While most positions offered are scheduled in the mornings, there are several which will be slated in the afternoon (3PM to 11PM) and late evening (11PM to 7AM). There are also times, especially during weekends and holidays, wherein Customer Service jobs are very busy. While everyone else is on holiday, CSRs are taking calls from clients.

Highest Paid Cities

Practically every city in the whole country would have a Customer Service job opportunity awaiting those who are interested. There are some cities which tend to pay more when it comes to this job:

● San Jose, California Nearly $46,000
● San Francisco, California $45,000 Oakland, California $42,000
● Boston, Massachusetts $41,500 Stockton, California $41,000

Certification and Licensure

As mentioned earlier, certification and / or licensure is not really necessary for CSRs. However, there are some states which do require this especially for those who provide financial and insurance information. To know more about this, it would be best to check the certification and licensure requirements of the state in which you are planning to work in.

Seasonal Customer Service Jobs

Some industries are in need of additional workforce during ‘peak’ seasons, especially during holidays like Thanksgiving and Christmas. Online shops like Amazon and EBay and even department stores will definitely be on the look­out for seasonal CSRs during these times of the year.

With very little requirements on the applicant’s part and so much to be gained during the training and actual work phase (and we’re not just talking about the good pay), Customer Service jobs are a great start for those looking for a decent entry­level position.

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