The Positive Aspects of Government Jobs

One of the jobs that is currently the highest in demand is government jobs. One of the main reason why many people want to work for the government is due to the great benefits as well as the benefits. Through the years, the number of individuals applying for the government jobs have grown to a great extent. There are various reasons for it and understanding these factors is important for all job seekers.

Government Jobs Opportunities

The government follows a specific system. There are three divisions under the federal government comprising of the executive, legislative and judicial.

● Executive: This branch of the government is in charge of the administration of the nation.
● Legislative: This branch of the government is responsible in making laws for the country.
● Judicial: This branch of the government deals with implementation of laws as made by the legislative body.

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Government Jobs Positions and Salary Information

Below presents the salaries of some of the popular government jobs and their approximate salaries.

 Regulatory Affairs Executive  USD 129,000 ­- USD 263,500
 Judge/Magistrate  USD 139,000 ­- USD 178,200
 Sheriff/Police Chief  USD 84,100 ­- USD 106,300
 Affairs Director   USD 71,550 ­- USD 155,110
 Lobbyist  USD 59,490 ­- USD 169,500
 Police Sergeant  USD 47,890 ­- USD 78,100
 Grants/Proposal Manager  USD 45,550 ­- USD 94,000
 Public Transportation Inspector  USD 37,320 ­- USD 57,370
 Urban Planner  USD 36,220 ­- USD 52,850
 Customs Officer   USD 25,900 ­- USD 51,100

Average Salary: Military

The military personnel receives numerous benefits as well as pay allowances. An example of the allowance receive is for housing and food which are tax free.


There are many variables the salary wages that are received. For example, the average earning for Helicopter Pilots are approximately $89,000 annually. Another example is the Operations Managers making approximately $73,000 annually. See Below for some additional examples:

 Sergeant  USD $16,255 ­- USD $25,560
 Specialist/Corporal  USD $14,200 ­- USD $23,700
 Private 1st Class  USD $15,700 ­- USD $20,600
 Private   USD $16,464


The Navy gives their sailors a significant tax incentives as well as retirement income. The pay range will depend on ranks, job perform, years of experience, full time active duty or part time in the Navy Reserve.

 Officer Pay  USD $2,930­ - USD $7,242
 Enlisted Pay  USD $1,546­ - USD $2,580

Tips for Applying at Government Jobs

Most government jobs listings will provide you with detailed instructions regarding how to apply for a position, along with the time frame for accepting resumes or applications. Most job positions will require that you talk about your knowledge, abilities and skills.

You can check the government jobs websites for an opening in your area. You may face an obstacle of finding a government position that you will be qualified and accepted. A government job listing can provide you more information on a particular position. Among the details in the job listing are: who can apply for the job, pay range, required skills or knowledge, basic qualifications, the time period for the application and how to submit an application.

Benefits of Working at Government Jobs

Many job seekers think that there is more job stability and higher salary in the government sector compared to the private sector. This was seen largely during the recession when thousands of employees in the private industries lost their jobs because of a failed financial system. On the other hand, the government industry is considered to be protected from this sort of economic crisis.

● Health Benefits: The healthcare needs of the employees and their families can be met through the many different plans being offered. The employees, retirees and survivors benefit from these programs. Medicare is a health insurance for people who are 65 years old and above. But, individuals with disabilities below the age of 65 years can also avail this plan.
● Leave/Vacation: The leaves are granted to employees for their personal recreational and health care needs. 13 sick leaves and ten paid holidays are granted to all job members. The vacation leaves are approved depending on the experience, which varies from 13 to 26 days.
● Insurance: This is given by the federal administration for general health, dental health, vision, long­term disability and life insurance.
● Retirement Aid: This aid is granted through Thrift Savings Plan, Basic Benefit and Social Security. An employee has to pay a specific amount from the monthly pay to avail these programs. The company also contributes a part of the monthly payment.

In addition to these points about government jobs, employees may also apply apply for educational loans. A few other benefits include child support programs, employee assistance programs and telework.

Additional Information about Government Jobs

You can find the job listings for government positions on the websites used and maintained by the government. The government jobs available would be difficult to secure due to a huge number of applicants vying for the slots. You can stand out from the rest by having a high level of professionalism and skill, and equipped yourself with good academic background.

Seasonal Government Jobs

These seasonal work opportunities can be for any kind of position such as accountants, technicians and engineers. The career development is good and the pace is based on the performance. Moreover, there are several part­time and full­time government jobs for grant holders, scholarship holders, interns, apprentices, fellowship holders and cooperatives.

● Fire Fighters: These workers give protection to property and human life by preventing and extinguishing fire without delay. This job comes with a lot of dangers and risks, but for individuals who are bold and wish to help people in a tough situation, it will be a great opportunity.
● Auditing and Accounting Professionals: These people are needed in big numbers in the government industry. The accountants can get jobs in the majority of government agencies considering that all companies must maintain their books of accounts.
● Engineers: Software engineers, mechanical engineers, electrical engineers, telecommunication engineers and civil engineers are all required in the government sector to handle the effectiveness of units and firms.
● Security Personnel and Police: The government requires police officers and security forces to help maintain law and order in a city or state. They play an important role in bringing back peace in the area by implementing strict and lawful action against all anti­social elements.

Government jobs can help you live a secure and happy life with less worries and tensions. You can enjoy a wonderful life with all its amazing benefits including housing assistance, insurance and incentives.

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