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The Unassuming Yet Rewarding Housekeeping Jobs

Many believe that housekeeping is an unpopular a job, because it can be a very challenging one. On the contrary, there are a lot of people searching and hoping land a position in this field. Aside from the good pay, one has to understand that housekeeping jobs matter a great deal. That is a fact recognized by entrepreneurs who make this occupation a high demand.

Housekeeping Jobs Opportunities

One of the biggest misconceptions about housekeeping jobs is that it only involves residential cleaning. The fact is, it is so much more, encompassing various roles and strenuous duties. As mentioned above, there are numerous opportunities in this field since cleanliness is an important aspect of one’s health and well­being. The following are the different industries that will hire housekeepers:

● Accommodation for Travelers (Hotels, Inns, Bed and Breakfasts, etc)
● Residential (Private Homes)
● Hospitals and other health care facilities
● Commercial spaces (offices and the like)

According to statistics, the job outlook for housekeeping is expected to rise in the next few years. It is expected to increase approximately 13% in 2022.

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Housekeeping Jobs Positions and Salary Information

Resorts, hotels and other traveler accommodations are some of the biggest employers of housekeepers. Most of the vied­for positions in housekeeping can be had in the aforementioned settings.

● Executive Housekeeper
● Assistant to the Executive Housekeeper
● Housekeeping Director / Floor or Room Division Director for Housekeeping
● Member of the Housekeeping Team
● Assistant Housekeepers, Linen Porters

The median pay of housekeepers, based on the Bureau of Labor Statistics 2012, is approximately $19,000 annually. The pay is based on experience and other factors. For example, a housekeeper can be offered to work overtime. Another example, receiving a tip for their services performed. Also, individuals holding a management position in this field would earn more. Management position salary starting at approximately $25,000.

Hospitals and other health care facilities also hire housekeeping professionals. The responsibilities in this setting environment are greater and more complex compared to those in the hospitality industry. The hazards in the health industry are greater. This is another great factor that helps determine the salary as a housekeeper working in the health facilities.

The salary for a housekeeper working in the health facilities is approximate of $30,000 annually. While not a lot of housekeepers in this setting get tips but working night shifts provides differential pay.

Believe it or not, housekeeping managers in hospitals can make approximately $50,000 annually.

Tips for Applying at Housekeeping Jobs

Cleanliness is a must in the hospitality industry. One of the first impressions that a guest receives when arriving to their destination is provided the work that the housekeepers performed.More than just mere spotlessness, sanitary spaces, completely disinfected areas are a must in the health care facilities.

Diligence and attention to detail are two of the most important qualities of a housekeeper. However, physical stamina is needed the most.

It’s also very important that a housekeeper is able to communicate well with others. He/She must be able to provide excellent customer service. A respectful and courteous attitude with professionals/guest is another important trait of a housekeeper.

Those who work as full time housekeepers in private homes, naturally, would have to interact often with the homeowners. More often than not, getting successfully hired in this specific setting depends not just on the cleaning skills of the individual but also on the compatibility of the hopeful applicant and the homeowner.

Formal education is not required when applying for housekeeping jobs. Most of those who are hired gain the necessary knowledge and skill in the field. All housekeepers are required to be certified by the IEHA (International Executive Housekeeper’s Association). Also, Additional certifications are available such as the Association of Residential Cleaning Services International, and the Building Service Contractors Association International. Having a certification can increase your chances of getting hired and receiving a higher pay.

Benefits of Working at Housekeeping Jobs

Housekeeping jobs are extremely rewarding. Many enjoy the providing excellent service and others enjoy the perks of being a housekeeper.

Tips are not unheard of in this job. In fact, some housekeepers in five star hotels and resorts even get more in tips than what they receive monthly from their company.

Health benefits are also provided to individuals working in this field. The majority of companies provide medical (14%), dental (10%), and vision (8%) benefits.

Additional Information about Housekeeping Jobs

Job Satisfaction is High

Housekeeping jobs can be very difficult,however, statistically job satisfaction is high. Statistics shows that almost 15% of all housekeepers have been working in this field for over 20 years.

You Could Climb the Ladder Too

Unknown to most, this entry level job does have a future. Members of a hotel housekeeping team can be promoted to executive housekeeping managers and executives.

More Women than Men

95% of all housekeeping positions are filled by women but, men should not disregard this job altogether. With their increased strength and stamina, a lot of industries do prefer male cleaners.

Seasonal Housekeeping Jobs

Housekeeping in hotels and hospitals are an eight hour job. It also follows shifts since guests and patients, respectively, are in and out of these sites. However, there are months wherein more people are needed to fill the workforce.

Housekeeping might not be a glamorous of jobs. It can be time consuming and quite strenuous but it does have its own perks.

If you think you are a good fit in this job, give it a try. You will not regret your decision.

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