Landing One of the Famous Jobs in NYC

Overview of Famous Jobs in NYC

The Big Apple is arguably the most famous city all over the world. Most dream of visiting this place to see the bright lights and wonderful cityscapes. Some dream of living in this city which never sleeps, considering it as one of the greatest adventure one could ever have. With so many jobs offered in this city, making this one’s home is not impossible.

New York City is the center of trade and industry in the world. A lot of multi national companies of different industries headquarters are in New York. Some examples of the headquarters are HBO, United Nations, Aeropostale, AOL, The Food Network, etc. Whatever the career path you have chosen or are currently studying in New York you will always be able to find a job due to its broad industries.

Jobs in NYC Opportunities

The total population in NYC as of 2014, according to the US Census, was estimated at 8.4 million. As of the moment, three and a half million are employed by the private sector. Below shows the 3% increase that is compared to last year.

 Educational and Health  Over 34,000 jobs
 Professional and Business  Over 20,000 jobs
 Leisure and Hospitality  Over 17,000 jobs
 Utilities, Trade, Transportation  Over 13,000 jobs
 Financial  Over 9,000 jobs
 Construction  Over 2,700 jobs
 Information  Over 2,300 jobs

Government jobs, on the other hand, saw an increase of 3,400 jobs. According to authorities, it’s only the manufacturing which did not see an increase in jobs in NYC.

Interestingly, the unemployment rate in the city decreased 1.3% compared to a year ago. This is good news for all hopefuls out there looking to start working in NYC.


Working opportunities in New York City abound. Those who are not quite sure what job they would like to apply for can check this listing of the 15 jobs in NYC which are highly in demand today:

  • Accountants and Auditors
  • Actors
  • Cooks and other Restaurant Workers
  • Fitness Trainers
  • Hairdressers and other Salon Specialists
  • Janitors
  • Lawyers
  • Healthcare Professionals
  • Sales
  • Security Guards
  • Switchboard Operators
  • Telemarketers

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Jobs in NYC Positions and Salary Information

Those listed above are just some of the high in demand jobs in NYC today. Here now are the approximate salaries annually for the ten less common jobs which you would find in this area

 Watch Repairmen  $43,500
 Shoe Repairmen (and other leather goods)  $19,600
 Travel Guides  $32,000
 Hand Sewers (tailors and seamstress)  $23,700
 Telephone Operators  $32,800
 Jewelers  $34,000
 Brokerage Clerks  $36,500
 Clergy  $42,000
 Proofreaders  $31,000
 Film and Video Editors  $64,800

Let us now move on to the seven industries in the city which offer the highest pay for any jobs in NYC:

  • Management Occupations
  • Legal Jobs
  • Computer and Mathematical Work
  • Health Care Practitioners
  • Business and Financial Operations
  • Architecture and Engineering
  • Life and Social Sciences

The highest paid jobs in NYC, regardless of which industry it belongs to, are the following:

 Physicians and Surgeons  $150,000 annually
 Chief Executives  $130,000
 Computer and Information System  Over $100,000
 Lawyers  $90,000
 Administrative Services Managers  $75,000

New York City has five boroughs: Staten Island, Brooklyn, Queens, Bronx and Manhattan. Below is the average income in each region:

 Manhattan  Over $100,000 annually
 Bronx  $47,000
 Queens  $46,000
 Staten Island  $42,000
 Brooklyn  $40,000

Most of the administrative and corporate jobs are in Manhattan. Then again, it’s not wise to immediately choose those cities when applying for jobs because city services, especially rent, are extremely high there.

Tips for Applying for Jobs in NYC

Because of the sheer assortment of occupations listed above, it is very hard to list specific tips on how to apply for jobs in NYC. Here are general pointers on how to succeed in landing a job in the city.

  • Go for that which you are qualified for. There are thousands of people wanting to work and live in the Big Apple so you will definitely have numerous competitions when applying.
  • Don’t be choosy. In case you don’t have the necessary certifications for the really high-paying professions, go for anything else which you can do. You can better yourself while you are doing one of these jobs in NYC and then slowly climb the corporate ladder.
  • Be patient and determined. Most important don’t give up.

Benefits of Working Jobs in NYC

The provision of cash incentives and other benefits (medical, vision and dental, among others) will really depend on which company one works for. Giving basic benefits, of course, are mandated by the state. But extra perks are not always handed out.

However, there are some companies who give these even to new employees. Check out the listing below:

  • Whole Foods – medical insurance, benefits packages
  • Starbucks – health care benefits, ‘bean’ stocks
  • Land’s End – on-site medical clinic, child care center, and fitness center
  • Home Depot – health benefits, critical illness and disability coverage
  • Trader Joes – health benefits, plus $500 in paycheck bonus, health care assistance
  • U-Haul – medical and dental plans, 401(k) plans and stock ownership plans
  • Lowe’s – health plans and 401(k) plan, even for part-time employees
  • Rei – medical benefits, life and disability coverages
  • UPS – full benefits, tuition assistance
  • Costco - benefits for part-time employees, discounts on medications

Additional Information about Jobs in NYC

The trend of unemployment in NYC has always been a bit shaky. It would always be a good idea to read up on current events (besides the job offers section in the newspapers) so that you will have an idea which industries are doing good and which have been cutting cost and getting rid of people in their positions in the process.

Seasonal Jobs in NYC

Here are just some of the most common seasonal jobs in the area:

  • Food Runners
  • Retailers and Salesmen
  • Bar and Banquet Attendants
  • Customer Service Representatives
  • Human Resources Coordinator

Those mentioned above are only a few of the hundreds of jobs in NYC which can be had. All one really need to do is check out the local dailies in the city and see hundreds of others, whether it’s a position in a corporate office, a messenger job on a bike or a bit role in the newest Off-Broadway play. If you have more than one great skill to boast of, this bustling city a great place to work in.

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