The Importance of Maintenance Jobs And How You Could Get One

Practically everything goes through wear and tear. In time, all those things break down or get damaged. There are also times wherein mechanical problems suddenly arise, causing even bigger troubles in the workplace.

Without people doing maintenance jobs, new equipment – whether that’s heavy machinery or a simple computer part – would need to be bought or replaced. Not only would that be expensive, it would also mean a lot of machinery is sometimes wasted.

We often overlook important maintenance jobs. Below are some essential details about all maintenance occupations, helpful for those thinking of working in this particular field.

Maintenance Jobs Opportunities

Maintenance personnel are some of the most versatile workers in the world. They are able to do their responsibilities in different settings and often carrying out various tasks during their eight-hour shifts. Everything will need maintenance and repair at some point in time. There will always be tasks needed to complete for those in this field.

Below are only a few of the industries which need maintenance jobs often:

● Real Estate
● Traveler Accommodation
● Government Designations
● Schools and Other Educational Facilities
● Hospitals and Other Health Care Facilities
● Parks and Recreational Sites

The states with the highest number of people performing maintenance jobs and, the highest number of job offerings are the following:

 Louisiana  Over 30,000
 South Carolina  22,000
 West Virginia  Nearly 10,000
 Alaska   Over 4,000
 Wyoming  Nearly 4,000

There are nearly 1.5 million people doing various maintenance and repair jobs in the country. While the projected 9% growth in this field in ten years is not as huge as other occupations, there will still be a steady supply of prospects as many retire year after year.

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Maintenance Jobs Positions and Salary Information

The median pay for people doing maintenance jobs is approximately $17.00 per hour or over $35,000 annually.

As of the moment, the lowest computed salary for entry-level maintenance crew is a little over $10.00 per hour. The highest, however, is approximately $28.00. Earning this much will naturally depend on various factors:

● On the Job Experience
● Type of Industry
● Job Location

Those who have been working in this field for quite some time would, of course, earn a higher pay. Experience often trumps knowledge in any industry.

Below are some of the different positions vied for in this field are the following:

● Building Mechanic
● Maintenance Engineer
● Maintenance Mechanic
● Maintenance Technician

The highest paying industry when it comes to maintenance jobs would be Electric Power Generation, Transmission and Distribution followed by Postal Services and Wired Telecommunication Carriers.

The top paying locations in the country for those working in this field are San Francisco in California, Portsmouth in New Hampshire and Bridgeport in Connecticut. Los Alamos County in New Mexico is considered to be a non-metropolitan area. They do however, offer more than just a decent pay to those doing maintenance jobs.

Tips for Applying for Maintenance Jobs

The most basic of maintenance jobs would be those repairs that individuals perform at home, for example, changing light bulbs, fixing faucets, troubleshooting the home’s heating system, etc. While these are also jobs for the local handyman, it doesn’t mean that maintenance work is simple.

Keeping machines, equipment and the systems which make all those run is no easy task. So for all hopefuls out there, take note of the following:

The minimum educational level required for most maintenance jobs is high school since students here are taught mechanical drawing, mathematics and computer – skills needed in the field.

Those who went to technical schools to acquire specific knowledge in the field would have a better advantage at getting hired since lectures taught will be more focused and in-depth:

● Insulation and Plumbing
● Carpentry
● Welding
● Pipe fitting
● Boiler Making
● Installation of New Equipment
● Electrical and Mechanical Repair of Equipment

It was mentioned earlier that experience trumps education in this field. However, it is important to note that certifications are required to legally do certain maintenance jobs.

Benefits of Working at Maintenance Jobs

Working a maintenance job can be challenging. Based on the most recent reports, annual bonus for those who have worked two years or more could reach over $2,000. Commissions are extremely high too at nearly $7,000.

78% of all workers get medical insurance. 64% acquire dental insurance and 51% also acquire vision insurance.

Additional Information about Maintenance Jobs

Statistics shows that 4 out of 5 individuals in this field are satisfied with their jobs. In fact, 27% of all maintenance workers have been doing this job for nearly two decades.

The career path in this field shows a very promising future. After four years of working in entry level positions, a percentage of maintenance workers move up the ladder. The best way to move up the ladder is by getting more certifications or learning more knowledge and skills on the job.

Only 2% of all maintenance jobs are currently filled by women. However, statistics show that the number is slowly rising because some industries prefer women and their meticulousness.

Welding, for example, is often done by men. However, the performance of women in ‘stitching’ metals has been lauded several times that those in need of welding actually ask for female welders.

Seasonal Maintenance Jobs

There are several industries which need an in house maintenance crew because of the complexity of their equipment. For instance, it would be more advantageous (not to mention cheaper) for manufacturing companies to hire people who will work directly under their supervision instead of hiring a third party contractors.

On the other hand, there are some which really do not need day in and day out maintenance for their machinery. This is when seasonal maintenance and repair people come in. They get called only when the scheduled maintenance jobs or sudden repair works arise.

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