Marketing Jobs: It’s More Than Just Sales Talk

Overview of Marketing Jobs

Marketing is one of the most important elements that will make a business successful. This is one of the ways on how a product is introduced to the populace and promoted to prospective clients.

Businesses which do not utilize marketing strategies will have difficulties getting their product or service known to people and, consequently, will find it hard to sell their offer. Successful businesses, do not just make use of the most up to date marketing tactics. They hire a team of skilled and talented people to do the marketing for them. This is an extremely important job.

For those wondering about marketing jobs, read on:

Marketing Jobs Opportunities

Marketing is really a huge umbrella covering different tasks. The major responsibilities involved are advertising, promotions, public relations and sales. As you can see, we said ‘tasks’ and not positions. That’s because each of those actually require a team headed by the following:

  • Advertising managers – are the ones who create the interest for a company and their product or service. There are in-house and third-party advertising managers.
  • Promotions managers – are those who create the programs which combines the advertising info and purchasing incentives so that they can up the sales. Like the first one, there are in-house and third-party promotions managers.
  • Marketing managers – are the ones who assess the demand for the product and service. Usually, they compare this demand with that of their competitors’.

Aside from those listed above, there are other professionals which they work with:

  • Brand managers
  • Market Research Analysts
  • Promotions Managers
  • Sales Managers

Creative people are also needed in the team:

  • Designers
  • Photographers
  • Videographers
  • Writers
  • Events Planners and Organizers

The most recent addition in this field would be those who utilize the internet for marketing. There are some people who have been working as advertisers and marketers in the past decades who learn the ropes of internet marketing. But because it is such a different platform, younger professionals are often chosen for these jobs.


As of the moment, there are over 200,000 individuals working in this field. And according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the demand for marketing jobs will increase by 12% in the next decade.

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Marketing Jobs Positions and Salary Information

The current median pay for all marketing jobs is $55.65 per hour or over $115,000 annually. Those in managerial positions will get higher pay. Below is a more specific pay scale for each occupation:

 Marketing managers  $89,000
 Promotions managers  $70,000
 Advertising managers  $65,000
 Brand managers  $60,000
 Market research analysts  $49,000
 Sales and promotions representative  $43,000
 Event specialists  $32,000

Those working on creative outputs are usually paid per project, unless they, too, are really part of the team that is employed by a specific company.

 Writers  $53,000
 Videographers  $43,000
 Photographers  $23,000

As mentioned earlier, online marketing is often done by another team are well versed about the internet and current search engine (Google, Firefox, etc.) protocols. Their pay is similar to those who do marketing in the traditional manner, although there are others who earn more.

Tips for Applying for Marketing Jobs

A bachelor’s degree in Marketing, Advertising, Promotions, Management and related courses is required when one wants to work in the field. However, experience is more valued in this industry.

Those who have extra courses (or are knowledgeable and / or skilled) in market research, consumer behavior, communications, visual arts and photography would have a better chance of getting a marketing job as mentioned above.

Benefits of Working at Marketing Jobs

Cash and other incentives are great when it comes to marketing jobs. The highest bonus given, for instance, is at $14,000 a year. Profit sharing can reach $10,000. Commissions can go as high as $15,000!

All those cash bonuses, on top of their salary, are just some of the things which really make marketing jobs so attractive to a lot of people.

In house marketing professionals also get the most amazing health benefits. As of the moment, 85% of all workers in the field get medical, 73% has dental, etc.

Additional Information about Marketing Jobs

Almost all huge companies have their own marketing team. And (since we can’t say this enough) because their tasks are so essential to the growth of the business, these companies pay their marketing people so well. Below is the top 10:

  • Cisco Systems Inc
  • Hewlett Packard Company
  • Microsoft Inc
  • NBC
  • The Walt Disney Company
  • Sears Holding Corporation
  • JP Morgan Chase and Co.
  • International Business Machines, Corp.
  • Verizon Wireless

Those who are just starting in this field should probably apply in other companies first and gain the necessary experience before going to the companies listed above.

Seasonal Marketing Jobs

The great thing about this field is that there are just so many jobs to work at. For those who do not want to be tied to just one company for the rest of their lives, there are several companies who hire people only when they need them.

While the managerial positions are usually hired permanently, the creative needs of a certain company (video productions, photography needs, event organization) are often asked for from contractors.

Online marketing jobs, except for those who do the site maintenance, can be categorized as seasonal too.

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