Overview of Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical Assistants are group of people whose duties and responsibilities vary depending on their job location, expertise, and work assignments. In the United States, their usually consist of work as administrative and clinical personnel for chiropractors, podiatrists, and other medical professionals. Medical Assistants have certain task and procedures that can vary. For example:

● Measuring vital signs
● administering medications and injections
● record information
● preparing and handling medical supplies
● Collecting different types of specimens

Medical Assistants Job Opportunities

The demand for medical assistant personnels have rapidly grown over the years. This is due to the growing number of hospitals, health and wellness clinics, medical spa, and health insurance companies. There are two types of categories for duties that a medical assistant does. The first one is the administrative duties. The second one is the clinical duties.

1. Administrative: They can work as the clinic's receptionist who also fill out the patient's medical information sheet, insurance forms, as well as keep their records for future use. Medical assistant can answer and make telephone calls to patients, health insurance companies, hospitals, and pharmacological suppliers. Also, they are required to order the necessary medical supplies for their respective offices.
2. Clinical: The responsibilities which may include of disposing of used and contaminated medical supplies and equipment, assists the patients in conducting basic laboratory tests, sterilization of medical paraphernalia, removal of stitches, cleaning and sterilization of small wounds, drawing blood for testing, among others. Their main job function of a medical assistant is to assist the physician.
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Medical Assistants Position and Salary Information

As per the US Labor Department, medical assistants job positions are at an all-time high demand and is expected to rise in the coming years for their relevance in the medical field is truly indispensable. They are a big factor for the success of the business aspect in the medical field as they make sure that all the minute details are taken into consideration and that everything runs at a smooth pace.

These talented individuals are compensated well which ranges from an average of approximately $20,000 to $30,000 annually. Bonuses and other benefits are also provided which could be equal to an additional of $15,000 per year. Other non-monetary benefits may include: security benefits, healthcare insurance, paid leave credits, disability assistance and retirement benefits.

Tips for Applying for Medical Assistants Position

Most of the medical positions job opportunities require a high school diploma and a certification of a short course for the basic training. On the job trainings are also provided for individuals who wish to enter this field. Those who have acquired post secondary education and certifications are also most preferred by employers. After finishing the mandatory requirements medical assistants can always continue their education by taking additional courses.

Computer Literacy and Technical Skills

The proper knowledge in using basic clinical instruments is a vital skill that a medical assistant has to possess. They are expected to accurately take the patient's vital signs such as heart rate, blood pressure and pulse rate. Additionally, they should have at least a know-how in basic computer tasks as they would be needing them to keep the patient's medical record for documentation.

Analytical Thinking

They must have the ability to analyze and understand various medical charts. This is to keep a record correctly of all patients information for billing and accounting purposes. They must also have the ability to keep track of the different health codes and diagnoses so as to smoothen the whole process.

Attention to Detail

Above everything else, medical assistants should pay the closest attention to detail at all times. Those who are assigned to take the patient's vital signs and medical information should provide no room for mistakes to avoid possible worsening or deterioration of the patient's situation. Aside from that, they should also need to provide detailed documented information of the patient' medical history should the physician be needing them in the future. Making sure that all specimen is label correctly and for the correct patient.

Interpersonal and Communication Skills

Medical assistants should be able to communicate clearly and accurately both to the patient and the physician so that utmost medical care is provided. The ability to professionally relay the information to and from the physician or medical professionals is definitely expected from them.

Benefits of Working at Medical Assistant Jobs

The fact that medical assistant jobs are one of the highest paid jobs whether with or without a college diploma, makes it a great career opportunity for almost every one. Wages and benefits rely mostly on the years of experience and the number of trainings and certifications. Although, certified medical assistants have higher hourly wages as compared to those who are not. Employers highly encourages these individuals to partake in trainings, seminars, and short courses to continually update their knowledge and skills to improve their work standards. Top performing medical assistants could earn as much as $40,000 plus benefits and other bonuses.

Additional Information about Medical Assistant Jobs

Medical assistant jobs has been proven to be a very lucrative profession. Nevertheless, it takes a great deal of determination on its technical aspects and compassion towards the patients who are the very reason for the growing demand of this job post. A medical assistant should be committed enough to provide excellence care experience and patient satisfaction.

Seasonal Medical Assistant Jobs

If you are currently studying in line with the medical field, there are many seasonal job opportunities waiting for you to jumpstart your career during summer breaks. Field offices for health insurance companies usually look for students who wish to earn while studying. Which in most cases, they would prefer those who are in medical and health related courses for they already possess the necessary skills without having to undergo any further training. Reasonable compensation and bonuses await individuals who are willing to undertake temporary positions and summer internships in this field.

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