Essential Information About Phlebotomy Jobs

Phlebotomists are medical professionals who specialize in drawing blood from patients. Phlebotomist usually assist with drawing blood that are used for medical testing, transfusions, and/or research. There are two different ways were the phlebotomist can draw blood. One of the ways that it can be drawn is called venipuncture. venipuncture is when blood is drawn directly from the vein. The second way to draw blood specimen is thru fingersticks.

Many times a phlebotomist are often confused for an assistant nurse. But the main job a phlebotomist does is to draw blood. There are different specializations that one might focus on. They can be specialized to only work for kids or both adult and kids.

Phlebotomy Jobs Opportunities

According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, phlebotomists are part of the medical field, which is currently on the rise. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics through 2018 is expected to grow approximately 10%. One of the many reasons of why this field is growing so rapidly is due to high demand and the growth of population. The Bureau of Labor Statistic already have projected the percentage for 2022. Employment for a phlebotomist is expected to continue to rise approximately to 27% by 2022.

There are numerous of places where phlebotomist can work in. For example:

● Hospitals
● Diagnostic Laboratories and Clinics
● Blood Donor Centers

Phlebotomists will be needed in the healthcare industry for decades to come.

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Phlebotomy Jobs Positions and Salary Information

The average starting for a phlebotomist can range. As an entry level technician you can expected to earn approximately from $20,000 to $29,730 annually. As an hourly wage it ranges from approximately $10.50 to $14.20. This salary is just the base because there are other factors that can increase your wage. Some of those factors include additional certifications as well as experience. With those factors a phlebotomist can be average up to $40,000 annually or over $17.50 an hour. Working in a hospital or a private practice is also a factor that determines your salary. Another great factor is if the phlebotomist works overtime or if they work at night which includes a night differential.
Private tertiary health care facilities, for instance, do pay more compared to public clinics. Location, as in the case with other jobs, also affects one’s salary. Large metropolitan areas like New York, Chicago and San Francisco will offer phlebotomy jobs with higher salary.

But for those who are really thinking of earning more should consider learning other medical-related skills such as:

● Data Entry
● Specimen Processing
● Oncology
● Pediatrics
● Geriatrics
● EKG and similar diagnostics

Tips for Applying at Phlebotomy Jobs

As mentioned previously, the primary responsibility of this health care professional is to draw blood from patients who require blood testing. There are important skills and characteristics that a phlebotomist must have. See below for examples:

● Attention to detail
   ◦ Appropriate Packaging and Labeling
   ◦ Preparation for On or Off-Site Analysis
   ◦ Process Blood Tests
● Empathy
● Geriatrics
● EKG and similar diagnostics
● Communication Skill
● Time Management
● Empathy

Employers stress the importance of being detailed oriented. One of the most alarming circumstances which could happen is mislabeling the blood vials of the patients. This seems like very small mistake but it could lead to substantial negative consequences and even a possible death.

It is also very important that the phlebotomist posses excellent communication skills. Time management is another skill employers stress on. You must be able to finish all your task and duties on a timely manner.

In order to be able to able to work efficiently with others you must show empathy with others. This is even more important when one’s patient is a young child or an ill patient.

Aside from the qualities mentioned above, there are basic requirements to become a phlebotomists.

● High school diploma
● Certification after finishing a state-recognized program
● Orientation and training on the job

Those who have been volunteering and / or assisting medical technicians in laboratories for two years or more will increase their chances when seeking for a phlebotomist job.

There are numerous of association that a phlebotomist can join that can enhance your career.

● The Center for Phlebotomy Education
● The American Medical Technologists
● The National Health Career Association

These are three of the most sought after organizations for a phlebotomist.

Benefits of Working at Phlebotomy Jobs

Once a phlebotomist has mastered the various skills required, the job is pretty easy already. Considering the effortlessness of the job, the pay is pretty good. Additionally, there are so many other advantages when working in this part of the health industry.

Annual bonuses average is at approximately $300.00 and plus. In order to be able to qualify you must ask your employer once hired.The longer one stays in this job in a company, the higher the bonus will be.

.Other great benefits of being a phlebotomist is medical insurance.

● 70% of employees acquire medical insurance.
● 60% have additionally acquire dental insurance
● 50% will also acquire vision insurance

Additional Information about Phlebotomy Jobs

As aforementioned, the job is pretty easy once it has been mastered. In fact, a phlebotomist working in a public hospital could get over a hundred samples during his or her eight-hour shift. This is possibly the reason why job satisfaction is pretty high.

Crossing over to another healthcare profession is very possible too, and even easier, through Phlebotomy. The basics, after all, have been already taught during lectures so what hopefuls do is to take additional courses to become any of the following:

● Licensed Practical Nurse
● Registered Nurse
● Medical Laboratory Technician

At least 40% of all phlebotomists in the country today have been working as for one to four years. On the fifth year, half of that figure decides on taking another career path in Medicine and succeed in doing so.

Seasonal Phlebotomy Jobs

Rarely are their seasonal Phlebotomy jobs since hospitals and other health care facilities hire these professionals full time. However, there are times when phlebotomists are needed for a short period of time.

Medical missions and drives in small, far flung areas will require various health care professionals, phlebotomists included. Because most hospital phlebotomists do not have time for this, clinics offer seasonal Phlebotomy jobs to those interested in working for a short period of time.

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